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MeseCraft is now World-wide!

MeseCraft is now available world-wide! I’ve expanded our services to include other regions of the world. We now have servers in Americas, Europe, and Asia. This should help global players play the game online with reasonable latency regardless of what part of the world they are in! The original server, Americas #1, is still the […]

Ethereal Removal, Caverns, and Water Updates

There are some biome updates that players should know about. Ethereal biomes and items have been completely removed for now. Why? It’s too hard to develop for all of the default and ethereal biomes. Ethereal biomes are generally neglected from a development perspective and those biomes are not up to the quality that should be […]

Updates – AFK, Beds, and Music

Hello all, Today there were some new updates for MeseCraft! The AFK mod and mesecraft_beds mods now have functions to not count AFK players in the bed/day reset count. Also, the in game music has been added back into the game. You can control this with /musicsettings in the game. This update was sourced from […]