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Reply To: New Players, and Ho Population Growth

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The Savannah Slime is indeed a challenge for new players. However, I think zombies will be almost as big a challenge to a new spawn. At least until sufficient lighting is provided at the new spawn. If there are not enough players in bed or AFK at night, the temptation to step out of a safe hiding place during the night is enormous. Especially at the beginning where everything is still missing and you are not yet clear about when and where you have to expect what kind of threat.

As for moving the entry point for new players: That’s fine from my side

…although the development of Ael Post has already been partially adapted to the fact that Ael Post is the spawn point. On the other hand, rumors of a well-developed village some distance away might encourage new players to travel and discover some more things that have already been built.
However, an overland route would probably lead through the jungle and at least I still have respect for poisoned slime. But maybe a generous pilot with a helicopter can be chartered for a few apples. 🙂
As for a rail connection to Ael Post I have also thought about it. AlexGIF has already started to build a rail line west of Ael Post. On the one hand, I had thought so far of a small terminus in Ael Post between the house with the tips for mobile users and the lower church. (By the way: This is one of the reasons why the western city wall is progressing so slowly. I’m not sure yet with which method I want to lead rails through the city wall and on the other hand keep zombies away with the city wall. There are different approaches).
On the other hand, I thought of a (further?) station outside the city wall, for example, between my helicopter tower and the city wall. There would be not only enough space for several tracks and switches but also for more buildings … like market stands to sell an overpriced coke or a frankfurter to people passing through. (Yes, I recently rode the railroad). This station could then later be enclosed by an extension of the city wall. (That an extension of the city wall could be necessary one day I had already considered. But not that this could become an issue even before the first city wall is completed. 🙂 )