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    I mentioned the changing of the binoculars mod, but it turned out that I couldn’t implement the ideas, because of the limitation of minetest engine.

    I chose this description:
    You only can see farther when you’re holding the binocular and use it. You must hold it on your hand.
    + Wield the binocular by using it, un-wield it when you use it again.

    The problem is that:
    + The original fov couldn’t be got.
    + The first-view person and third-view person couldn’t be changed.
    * There’s no customization for the key configuration.

    Hopefully those problems can be solved in the up-coming releases of minetest engine.


    Hey! 🙂

    Are you talking in about the zoom in effect that happens when you press “Z” on the keyboard? I’ve received feedback about that and people have stated that it likely causes performance issues in terms of increased network overhead. So I may end up removing that effect completey. Would this resolve the problems you’ve listed?


    No, it isn’t the performance issues. It’s related to the function of binoculars in-game, without taking into account the performance.


    Some details of the descriptions which i tried to implement: (make it simplest)
    * Magnification of a binoculars will be set to 4.0 (fixed). Thus an original view x, when a player has just joined the server, should be got. Then we have the zoom-in view z: z = x / 4.0
    * A user presses the use key, and whatever the view, third-person perspective or first-person perspective, will be changed to the first-person perspective with the zoom-in view z (changed in an instant, 0 seconds). Then, when we don’t use it, we press the use key again and it will restore the third-person perspective or first-person perspective.
    You can see those problems.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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