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    I can’ t remember to have meet a player named GameDyer on the server yesterday. And I think I should for its only a few hours ago. I think a large part of the Mesecraft community knows me well enough to know that I am not the type of player who hunts other players. It must indeed be a troll.

    Perhaps it is traceable by the administration that I was not logged in at that time.

    in reply to: A quick feedback on the beta (freshwater) server. #976

    I was informed about the fact that I need water to survive on Sara’s Simple Survival Server via the in-game chat when I started playing. Otherwise, I would have died of thirst and perhaps lost interest in the server. Someone who doesn’t know Mesecraft at all doesn’t necessarily first think that a solution to the thirst problem can be found in the crafting guide (although from the point of view of a more experienced Mesecraft player it actually seems quite obvious).
    I remember a situation on my first visits to Sara’s where one night I was stuck in one of those little village huts and was besieged on three sides by demons and zombies. That was shortly after I had found out that it would not work in the long run to feed myself only on apples. This situation was quite scary because my armor and weaponry was on the level of the Stone Age and on the other hand I had found that I could attack the monsters through a pane of glass. I wasn’t sure if these attacks through the glass wouldn’t work from the other direction. Also, I did not know if zombies or demons would still have a few tricks in store of which I could not know at this time. I feared that demons could possibly go through walls or glass from time to time, or that zombies would learn to open doors over time.
    You’d need some strong nerves to search the crafting guide for drinks and drinking water containers in such a situation. (Consider the noises angry demons and startled zombies make). And after daybreak, I had to deal with the problem of solid food again.
    Here are two suggestions of what could be done to alleviate the situation for new players:
    First, you could add a server message offering a solution to the thirst problem. (Didn’t we have this before?).
    Secondly, (perhaps additionally) it might be possible to implement an easy-to-make document (possibly made out of leaves and sticks) that tells new players about the ins and outs of Mesecraft. This way, the difference between salt water and drinking water could also be explained.

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    in reply to: Irregular server performance #962

    Some time ago I was in the depths under the ice caves. There I came across escaping gas. The idea with the escaping gas I think is quite good but unfortunately the gas causes extreme lags after some time.

    in reply to: T.H.R.I.V.E. #951

    I connected Wildbank Dales to the T.H.R.I.V.E. project. I ask that you do not build any elevated walkways there as they will not really be necessary. The mobs there are rather rare and harmless and the village is located on a bright and rather flat plain so that threats can usually be seen from far away. I also protected the main house and added CARZOMG and Kiopy7 as members.
    I am thinking about making a lot of the sidewalks in some of the T.H.R.I.V.E villages obsolete by using permanent lights. But that would mean the need for tons of bright permanent lights.
    The reason I am thinking about this is that it has proven problematic to rework the high walkways to the small huts (for example in Falldale) in a meaningful and aesthetic way since the small huts leave little room. And a complete new construction would be extensive. I am working on a solution.
    I may have already found a partial solution: If the sidewalks are preferably laid out in a ring around a village, they can be (at least partially) rebuilt into a city wall at a later time. I am aware, however, that this requires a lot of time and material. Therefore I am not sure if this is a really acceptable solution.

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    in reply to: T.H.R.I.V.E. #949

    @ Kiopy7

    In Ael post I have need for water and especially finished products that require a lot of water require. It is more efficient to produce goods where most of the raw materials needed for them are found together instead of trading the individual raw materials. Therefore I see in Ho a chance for some productions. It would also be conceivable to partially automate production by using hoppers and automatic workbenches. Whoever builds it first has the chance to dominate the small, but probably permanent market for gelatine powder and rose water at least for a while. πŸ™‚ I also buy wood from the market from time to time to make charcoal for steel. (I’m competing with AlexGIF’s production, which is undoubtedly more efficient, but what else am I going to do with all the iron? πŸ™‚ )In addition, there is now an increased need for Jungelgrass as some Savannah soil is still to be replaced within my protected areas. At the moment there is no need for additional ordinary sand or sandstone but this can change abruptly as soon as someone decides to build with sandstone. Also I could imagine to buy eggs from the market now and then… if the price fits. πŸ™‚

    In general I think it is efficient to offer goods offensively on the markets because it prevents the buyer from spending money in advance for goods he will get later. After all, the buyer can probably use the money in the meantime to buy other goods. Also, it is advisable to have placed your offer on the market before a need arises in order to be the first to sell on that market (and thus participate in the initial pricing). Most importantly, a potential buyer might have the idea to produce his own goods if they are not immediately available on the market.

    You also asked about being added as a member to different protection blocks in Ael Post. I think it would make sense in this case to work with coordinates so I know which protection blocks to work on. I normally don’t like the use of coordinates but this is more for long distance orientation. It would also be interesting to know which areas in Ael Post you plan to revise.

    Also you asked me with a sign to destroy the ugly stone block in the northwest of Ael Post. I think the appearance could be reworked, but basically I was planning to keep the building as a building. It is at least fireproof from the outside and in this way built according to one of the premises of CARZOMG’s architecture. The ulterior motive I have is this: I wanted to preserve the northeast corner with its elevated walkways and fire-safe building style and just rework the appearance. This way we would not only have the building styles of all three players (CARZOMG, Kiopy7 and Odie) united in one village but each building style would also have its own district.

    On this occasion:

    @ CARZOMG if you want control of NW Ael Post or want me to add you as a member to the protection blocks let me know. I put the protection blocks at that time mainly to stop the advancing devastation of the neighborhood.

    Samarathal, in my opinion, shows that you can create respectable structures with elevated walkways and fireproof buildings. I would suggest replacing some of the red cobblestones on bridges and walls with red desert bricks and adding some ground level paths of red desert stone, but I won’t change anything within the city walls without specific approval. I have, however, created a quarry for red desert stone and desert sand northwest of Samarathal for practical reasons and tried to keep it reasonably presentable. However, the appearance can certainly be worked on. A trail from Samarathal to Wildbank Dales is in the planning stages.

    Concerning the offers (at the moment the offer πŸ™‚ ) in Barrowston my intention at the moment is to promote the trade with goods which are beneficial for the development of the village. So far I had mainly building materials and lighting in mind.

    I plan to give players a small profit for bringing goods from Kings Market to Barrowston (or selling goods from other sources) and to provide an offer for those working on Barrowston. The only thing that worries me a little bit is that the materials I imagine to use there myself have already been used there. This means that players could come up with the Idea of demolishing existing structures in order to sell the blocks.

    in reply to: T.H.R.I.V.E. #944

    First of all: Sorry that I have not reported for so long time in the forum. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and it’s only gotten a little better now. I will probably gradually work my way through all the news and messages in the forum. Of course, provided that I can continue to spare time for the forum.

    Last night I took a look at the forum before going to sleep and found out that T.H.R.I.V.E. is now coordinating its projects. (By the way: I think this is a great thing. If not urgent or even indispensable if you want to develop a village with several players). Anyway, I had read about the coordination only after I had built the small white market hall in Barrowston. I would need some feedback on this matter if the hall can stay there.The hall is currently protected by a protector and CARZOMG is not yet added as a member. I will change that.

    Maybe this is not necessary in case Fency vending machines are automatically protected by their owner which I don’t know. In this case I could simply remove the protection block and make it possible for other players to expand the market hall and place their own vending machines. Extending the market hall so far that other players can have their protection areas adjacent would of course also be a possibility.

    Two things about the market hall: Since vending machines are quite expensive (at least for me) it would be good to know which goods might be in demand in Barrowston.

    The other thing is that I didn’t know exactly where to connect the elevated walkway to the market to the other elevated walkways in Barrowston. My suggestion would be the balcony of the library.

    Also, I can offer to rework the buildings and / or elevated walkways in Barrowston as and when the opportunity arises. In the case of the buildings, this would mean that I might change the materials but keep the dimensions. In addition, I would need for the revision of the roofs a concrete approval of slope blocks since these would change the appearance strongly. And then there would be the question if we want to keep the current style of the buildings (use of gray and red stone) or give Barrowston a completely new coat of paint. Or a mixture of both solutions? My suggestion would be to keep the ‘traditional’ style for the generated buildings and their existing and upcoming extensions and to make new, especially public buildings a bit more colorful. But of course these are only suggestions.

    For a revision of the elevated walkways, I would need approval to change the width and / or the courses of the elevated walkways, if necessary. (The courses would be changed of course only where it is necessary or advisable). Lastly, there would be the question of whether Barrowston should receive at-grade streets and plazas in addition to the elevated trails. In case this is not the case, at least some of the ground level doors could get removed.

    In Ale Post all players are welcome to participate in the completion of the city wall. I would only ask you to keep the existing style (or consult with me) (the battlements are still missing) and to protect the added sections of the wall. If the protection blocks are built into the wall, as long as the wall exists in this form, it will be obvious who is the noble donor of this wall section. πŸ™‚ I also ask to note that the cemetery is in need of expansion.

    The expensive vending machines and the provision of purchase offers on the Kings market are two of the reasons why I am mostly in money trouble and therefore only slowly progressing with the construction of a protected wall.

    If you want to set up a store or a house (or whatever) in Ale Post, please don’t feel discouraged by my building activities there. I only ask to consider that straight and wide streets are better passable and free places and gardens contribute to a pleasant loosening of the townscape. Of course, consulting me first would be the most ideal solution. However, I am aware that this is rather difficult (especially at the moment).

    Maybe one or the other player has already noticed that I recently built a house with tips for smartphone users. I met a player a while ago who seemed quite interested but had difficulties with the most basic things like inventory management and the use of doors and boxes. This player had then removed some doors in my mine in my absence to get back to the surface. My research showed that there is a Minetest manual for smartphone users on MinetestEDU in German but probably not in English. (https://wiki.minetest.net/MinetestEDU/de/Erste_Nutzung_von_Minetest_am_MobilgerΓ€t)

    So I built this building (northwest in Ale Post). I would appreciate feedback regarding comprehensibility and spelling.

    The upper (northern) part of Ale Post has always been rather the orphan in my efforts. CARZOMG had connected some buildings there by elevated walkways and I wanted to adopt the idea since especially new and inexperienced players (and probably smartphone users) are surely grateful for areas at spawn that are as safe as possible. Although I had reworked the Kings Market there once but then got stuck in the new construction of the public smelter. The elevated path there needs to be reworked and might cost some additional protection blocks. For the church there I already had the idea to consecrate it to MeseAdmin so that new players can pray and ask there, of course in silence, for privileges and free stuff. πŸ˜‰ On the last server (Portbarrow) maybe there was a need for it.

    If I will have much time I will also build a real residential house in Ale Post. (No, this is a warehouse in which I have made myself at home. πŸ™‚ ) Maybe I’ll build it in front of the city walls of Ale Post.

    I also had the idea to build a guild house for the merchants with branches in Ale Post and to found a merchant guild. In the guild house there would be a public area where you can read on signs who joined the guild when and how much he paid to the guild to join it. The guild members would have access to the closed area through their own protected door. There would be the guild treasury and guild internal announcements (in books or on signs) as well as a trading area where goods can be offered to guild members at special prices via vending machines. From the money of the guild could be financed for example tenders and rewards. (Of course only after a unified decision… and always for the good of the village… and the guild… and especially its members πŸ™‚ )

    Economic concerns then also bring me to the topic of Ho. Water (water sources like water in buckets) are rather scarce in Ale Post (which fits quite well since Ale Post is mostly in the savannah.) The way down to the water is rather far compared to Ho where you almost get your feet wet just stepping out of a front door. And when I go down to the water in Ale Post to fill buckets with water, every single filled bucket takes up a single slot in the inventory. So I think Ho is very suitable for scooping and processing water. So I could consider building a saltworks there. (The building, not the pond. I really had trouble translating the word into English. It almost seems like there is no word for the German word “Saline”.) Even better would be a public saltworks where players can use the last minutes of the day to produce salt before the Night Market opens. Also, the deer that fall off the cliff there from time to time provide the village with meat. And especially the bay north of the Night Market has proven to be a good area for fishing (with the sword). There I / you could build a fisherman’s cottage with a wide pier to make fishing even more comfortable. At the latest when production starts there, a branch in or at least near Ho will be advisable for me. That means I would need a store with a warehouse and a small living area somewhere there. If all this is built in the village, the number of buildings there would have doubled.

    Also, I think Ho could use some street lights and a high fence for the time being.

    Let me know what you guys think about this and what I get clearance for. πŸ™‚


    For one thing: A hostel in the village goes down well in any village.

    Also: My candle stocks are slowly running out. And red desert stone is also getting scarce and the desert is far away. I don’t even want to talk about my gold stocks. Does anyone need iron? Food? Arrows or crossbow bolts? Oil lamps? Anything? πŸ™‚

    If so leave a message on the board. I’ll also recheck the requests on the markets soon.

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    in reply to: Kip’s Simple Tips and Tricks #812

    On the subject of blueberries and other “superfoods” of which you do not get tired of to eat:

    I think that the currently given situation largely bypasses the function of the Diet mod since these blueberries are relatively easy to get from the large blueberry bushes. At least once you know where to find some. On top of that, these blueberries also grow back relatively quickly. So there is little need to provide a diverse diet.

    I could imagine that neutralizing this bug could also have a significant impact on the in-game economy. While more experienced (and usually richer) players might want to concentrate on their big projects and consider buying their food (at least in the meantime), new and less experienced players would have the opportunity to earn their first bucks by growing and/or processing food. (And to be able to afford their first gold ingot and thus the most important ingredient for a protection block). I don’t see the danger that earning money will be too easy, because at least cultivated food needs some time to grow. And then, above all, an interested party must be found for the offered food and a reasonable price level must be found too.

    The agriculture (for example) offers a possibility to learn important basics, like for example to supply oneself with water and food, to get along with the Diet mod and to lie down as a newbie at nightfall better times.

    (See possibly also under Suggestions / Difficulty of Mesecraft).

    in reply to: Secret Ho #809

    No. And at the moment I have no clue where to start looking either. But I will keep my eyes and ears open.

    in reply to: Secret Ho #807

    Noticed πŸ™‚

    in reply to: Market reference book #806

    I don’t know the problem with the hidden columns from my side. On the contrary, in the market order screen I even have space on the right side. I suspect this will be related to the selected screen resolution.

    in reply to: Guns in video-games and MeseCraft #798

    My personal point of view on firearms is that it’s probably more humane to be shot over the head than to be slain with a sword with several strokes… or a pickaxe or a shovel… or a prodded spoon. So adding firearms does not, in my opinion, add any additional possibilities of depicted brutality to the game that is not already there. On the other hand, I know that the legal requirements in the USA are different from those here in Europe, and that these different requirements make the emergence of a strong gun lobby and a strong anti-gun lobby possible. As far as that is concerned, I can’t really speak from here.
    As far as gun violence in games is concerned, I think it makes a big difference who the gun is pointed at. I think in terms of Minetest in 4 categories:
    1. monsters and dangerous animals, that are real threats,
    2. harmless animals,
    3. human NPC (without zombies, of course) and
    4. players.
    Shooting serious threats is probably Ok.
    To kill a cow or a pig you might not need a firearm, but somehow you have to use violence to get a feces.
    As for the villagers, I think that a sane player will soon come to the point of view that it is not so funny in the long run to shoot all villagers over the heap. With a player who repeatedly logs into a Mesecraft survival server to shoot specifically at the cute villagers, I would get doubts about the health of the mind of this player. Such players can be found everywhere, but I’m afraid that they are rather rare on minetest survival servers, since there are now special servers for the cultivated PvP carnage under Minetest. And that’s ok. After all, there is a consensus that you kill each other virtually.
    Regarding the violence between players in Mesecraft, I would like to point out that it is at the discretion of the administrator to allow PvP combat at all.
    These considerations lead me to believe that an enabled PvP option in Mesecraft and Minetest is primarily to allow collateral damage. It would be different in the case of an anachy server. But whether a server is an anachy server is also up to the administrator.
    So I think from a moral point of view it is definitely Ok to add firearms to the game inventory of a minetest game.
    However, there is one thing that makes a difference between ranged weapons and the currently most common melee weapons, and could change the game dynamics significantly in special situations.Recently I had to deal with another obvious minetest newbie. These players may hit you with their wooden pickaxe simply to find out what is happening. If I’m attacked with a melee weapon (or tool), my first reaction is usually (even with more experienced players) to move back out of combat distance. If the player immediately moves in and continues to attack me I know “he’s really trying to cause trouble.” This is a form of non-verbal communication that doesn’t necessarily work with powder weapons because the combat distance and the damage inflicted is much greater. I’m afraid that this circumstance could lead to faster and more devastating misunderstandings. Violence between players could increase.

    I have a suggestion that would mean a deeper intervention in the game concept. Besides, feasibility and the effort involved is hard to estimate for me and I have hardly any experience with Mars so far. Especially not under Mesecraft. (I know, my mistake, but you can’t be everywhere. πŸ™‚ )
    But I can simply suggest.

    (See suggestion “Firearms to Mars”)

    in reply to: Market reference book #795

    Almost forgotten: I have revised the market guide and am done with it from my side. For the most part, I have only bolded the paragraph headings and italicized some words. Only a few words were still exchanged.

    in reply to: Market reference book #794

    Since it is intended as a reference book, my suggestion would be to place it where it is needed (if possible): on top of King’s Market. Of course it would be good to make this book also craftable.
    I was thinking of maybe writing two more texts for ingame books. One for rather impatient, impulsive players that might start with the paragraph “How to get rich by trade”. For this book I would suggest that it can be both found and crafted.
    Another idea for an ingame book would be one with advice for the aspiring advanced trader. Here, for example, I would cover advice on sensible pricing and maybe even things like merchandise value leverage and speculative investing. I imagine that more sophisticated players would also like to learn about things that (can) work in real markets as well. I would suggest this book as a craftable-only book.

    Please let me know what sounds usable to you. πŸ™‚


    in reply to: New “Unstable” Branch of MeseCraft #2792

    Excellent. πŸ™‚

    in reply to: Quick Update on the Website #2796

    It is very reassuring to know that the issue of privacy is taken seriously.
    As for the XP and award system, I have only a vague idea about it. But it makes me curious. That’s why I think: Sounds good.

    in reply to: Color Pallette for modders, artists. #730

    I have looked at the color palette under the link. Unfortunately, there is only a small picture on which the colors are used. So it’s difficult to say how the environment would look like if it was applied to the whole game. And even more how it would feel to play in such an environment.
    Maybe like in the Minetest game “XaEnviornment?”. It took me some time to accept the reduced rendering when I tried the game in single player maybe 2 years ago. It’s clear that the reduced rendering would result in a significant loss of rendering quality. On the other hand, I understand that limiting the colors would give some advantages for the development of the game. Possibly the game would then also become more compatible for less powerful devices?
    Although I was a bit impressed by what a game like “XaEnviornment” should be able to offer for weaker devices, I was glad when I switched back to games with the usual graphics of Minetest and could play Minetest on a PC with the full color palette.

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    in reply to: weather mod #553

    I forgot to mention that I had this experience on the Mesecraft Server #1.
    And there is something else interesting that I noticed:
    Gold armor, for example, can make you so slow that you might think about wearing a lighter amour for ‘everyday’ and traveling and only put on the gold armor when you go somewhere where you expect real trouble. I also see this as a valuable asset. However, this consideration has only occurred to me since the weather mod was installed.

    And as for the feedback: If good modifications can be made to the game, it’s also to my benefit. πŸ™‚

    One last thing I wanted to pick up on because I think it would be so important, at least with the current modification, to maintain the high level of detail in Mesecraft. And that would be the wind effect in shot rooms. I realize that the definition of enclosed spaces and wind protected areas must be highly difficult or impossible. Therefore, I have been thinking about a reasonably elegant intermediate solution.
    My first ideas were not to let the movement modification take effect on common building materials such as wood and processed stone. Or to define protected areas as windless. However, this does not seem very elegant to me as a solution. If, however, it were possible with reasonable effort to allow the wind effect to occur only on materials that occur as substrates in the surface biomes, this would have the side effect that deliberately built roads would have a real advantage in terms of movement.

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    in reply to: weather mod #546

    The weather mod is really an enrichment. Also that the headwind is noticeable when moving. But there is one thing that struck me. The slowing down of movement is especially noticeable when wearing heavy armor. It seems that the slowdown caused by the wind is greater in relation to the speed of movement. I think it should be the other way round, or at least the slowing down should be in proportion to the speed of movement. Moreover, the effect of the wind is also noticeable in shot rooms and in caves.
    Can anything be done about this?

    in reply to: New soundtrack #522

    At the moment, things are going better than expected for me. Unfortunately, that could change in the next few days. I’ll just have to see. But thank you for asking. πŸ™‚

    in reply to: New soundtrack #516

    Hi Unreal,

    I had to stop working on a detailed response to your music suggestions when bad news reached me. It is possible that I will only be able to work on this response in a limited way for the next 2 weeks or so.
    We will see.

    But I’ll say this much in advance: I think the majority of the music you suggested is suitable for Moon or Mars.

    As mentioned, a more detailed response should follow.

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