Feature Update for January 2023!

Hi MeseCrafters! There is a new update for MeseCraft ! This is the first update for 2023! You will now see this update hitting our github, servers, and the Minetest ContentDB! So get ready to upgrade your games and servers! Now, here are the new changes for January! Updated doors to have the new sound […]

Stability and Features Updates for Winter, Dec 22!

There are some new updates in MeseCraft! A brand new Mese crystal appearance has been added that reflects the new one used on MeseCraft.com! Mesecons_hydroturbine had a typo in its recipe fixed and it can be crafted now (thanks korkut) Footprint bug reported by korkut has been fixed. (Thanks Korkut!) Water can now flow and […]

Source code has been moved to GitHub

The source code for MeseCraft, has traditionally been hostsed at Notabug.org which is a free git service for free software projects. A few people have suggested I move to a git service with more features. After some thinking, I’ve decided to try out GitHub for MeseCraft code hosting. The reason is that it has the […]

Stability Update: DFCaverns, Commodity Markets, and more.

There was a quick hotpatch for MeseCraft that aims to fix the following game crashes: Commodity Market: Removed icons because they were crashing on the 3D nodes for the drinks mod (juice press and silo). This is sort of a quick hotfix workaround until the core problem can be resolved. This removes icons for items […]

You can now download MeseCraft from within Minetest!

Hi everyone, Great news! You can now download MeseCraft easily from the Minetest Content Database (as known as “ContentDB”). This is an exciting development for the project, as it now allows players to easily download the game from within Minetest itself! So what does this mean? It means that you can create your own MeseCraft […]

Minor update: Helicopters and Android

There has been a minor update to MeseCraft: Music has been removed to allow Android and mobile tablet and phone players to access the game. Buckets have been fixed. A helicopter is now craftable in the game. Going forward, mobile phones and tablets will be included as a main focus alongside desktop and laptop PC […]

New “Unstable” Branch of MeseCraft

There have been some changes on the development cycle of MeseCraft. There are now three branches in our git repository. I will break them down for you: unstable: This is a rolling version of MeseCraft. All of the latest changes and inclusions get added here. Things might break in this branch and there will be bugs […]

Quick Update on the Website

A few things have changed on the website that I’ll officially post about to keep you guys in the loop. External links that use embedded content is now disabled in forums and activity views. Why? When a frame or resource is shown in an embedded view (like YouTube video previews) it actually pulls the resources […]

MeseCraft is now World-wide!

MeseCraft is now available world-wide! I’ve expanded our services to include other regions of the world. We now have servers in Americas, Europe, and Asia. This should help global players play the game online with reasonable latency regardless of what part of the world they are in! The original server, Americas #1, is still the […]

Ethereal Removal, Caverns, and Water Updates

There are some biome updates that players should know about. Ethereal biomes and items have been completely removed for now. Why? It’s too hard to develop for all of the default and ethereal biomes. Ethereal biomes are generally neglected from a development perspective and those biomes are not up to the quality that should be […]