Currently, MeseCraft is in alpha stage development. But there are still a few ways for you to play it while we work on it:

Join a server online (Basic, Recommended)

Currently, the easiest way to try MeseCraft is to join an online multiplayer server that runs the game.

  1. Download and install Minetest engine client from
  2. Open Minetest and click on the “Join Game” tab.
  3. Type “” into the search filter and search.
  4. Select a server and click the “Connect” button. First connect will take time as files are downloaded from the host server. Please be patient.
  5. Play

Currently, there is one official server hosted for MeseCraft and Minetest players.

  • Survival Server #1 (Americas) –

You can find community-hosted servers for MeseCraft too. Search for “MeseCraft” in search. Community servers are not operated by and may have additional mods/tweaks from server operators.

Host a game locally or online. (Advanced)

If you’d like to run MeseCraft on your own computer please follow these steps.**

  1. Download and install Minetest engine client from
  2. Open the “mesecraft” git source code repository at
  3. Choose from the master (stable) or development (testing) branch of mesecraft.
  4. Click on the download icon or use git with the command:
    git clone
  5. Extract the files from the downloaded .zip file.
  6. Copy the “mesecraft” directory into your Minetest/games directory.
  7. Start Minestest client and select MeseCraft and start a world.

System Requirements

Smaller Servers (No GUI)
Minimium: Single Core CPU, 2GB RAM, 40GB Hard Drive

Players/Clients, Servers (with GUI), Larger Servers
Recommended: Dual Core Intel CPU or greater, Intel Integrated HD 3000 or higher, 4GB RAM or greater, 128GB Solid State Drive or greater