Supporting MeseCraft

If you like MeseCraft, which is free, non-intrusive and has no ads, please consider supporting us in some way. Currently, MeseCraft is in alpha stage development and is making progress. But developing MeseCraft takes a lot of time and energy, so any contributions will be hugely appreciated. Donations will be used for MeseCraft costs, expenses, contracts, and project investments. If you cannot afford to contribute, please consider contributing to development, suggestions, or recommending us to your friends and family. Thank you so much for supporting this project.

How to Donate

If you’d like to support or sponsor MeseCraft financially, here are some ways to do so.

In the near future, there will be merchandise available to purchase to support the project.

Additional donation methods such as check-by-mail, cryptocurrency, or precious metals (yes, really.) may be accepted in the future depending on player feedback.

Fiat Currencies

Liberapay –

PayPal – Send donations to the address [email protected] (Please use the family and friend option in PayPal to avoid fees).

Project Expenses

Current Expenses (in US Dollars): ~ $25 Monthly  ($300 annually)

This figure only includes recurring expenses: domain name services, email hosting service, hosting services (web and game servers), and secure socket layer (SSL) encryption certifications. It does not account for previous sunken costs or human capital (labor and development) investments into the project. Recurring costs have been kept lower than average (compared equivalent services) through very strategic investment of capital. Please know that your donations will be used responsibly and efficiently.