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This is a letter found in the slade layer:


My dearest friend, Kethril,

It is with a heavy heart that I write to you today. I have not slept for many nights, for the whispers I have heard in the underground city have chilled me to the bone. The evil that is growing in the Primordeal layer, deep beneath our feet, is beyond anything I have ever imagined. It creeps and crawls, a cancer that threatens to consume all that we hold dear.  I have heard that the council is considering the Rite of Sealing, a desperate measure to contain the evil and keep it from spreading. But I fear that it may be too late, for the whispers say that the evil has already taken root, and is growing stronger with each passing day.  Here in the Slade layer, life continues as usual, but the fear is palpable. Children huddle together in fear, mothers keep their doors barred, and fathers sharpen their weapons, just in case. Every shadow is suspect, and every whisper brings with it the fear that the evil has finally come for us.  I have seen things, Kethril, things that I cannot explain. I have heard the whispers of the stones, and felt the shifting of the earth. It is as if the very fabric of our world is tearing apart, and the evil is the cause.  Please, my friend, I implore you, go to the council and do what you can to stop them from enacting the Rite of Sealing. We must find another way to stop the evil, for if the Rite is performed, it will mean the end of our world as we know it.

Yours in fear and desperation,  Zalara

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