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The XP would be granted whenever someone makes a post. You could level up your profile as you contribute more content.

I’ve also been thinking about adding “MeseCoins” which would be likely be given when someone likes a comment you made.
Mesecoins maybe could be used to purchase merchandise from the shop. Sounds fun, but you need to keep in mind that this would be an expense for the project. So, it would need to require a lot of mesecoins or they would need to be thought out well. Maybe MeseCoins are not a good idea in this way.

Awards/Badges, would be given out when you do something on the site. Kind of like leveling up your profile but maybe awards for like lots of comments or lots of forum posts or other things on the site.

These are meant to encourage interaction and quality content on the site, but not to be abused just to get $ and fame and generate low quality content in mass. But rather more like rewards for your interactions and content.