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    So best as I can remember this is what happened. minekid and I had been using the same bed, no problem. We have recently got our house up to the point where we made bedrooms so we moved the bed. I also in this time added protection blocks. minekid was not added to the protection block where the new bed is (oversight on my part). Anyway, I made sure that we both slept in the new bed to set our spawn point since the old bed had been moved. Then because we like to do stupid stuff, we were jumping off the roof of our house aiming for a slime block, about 20 something blocks high. We both actually died doing this, it happens. I respawned in the new bed, minekid respawned at spawn some 3000 blocks away. After trekking all the way home, now I was signed in on minekid’s account btw, I slept in the bed again, then recreated the accident. Died and respawned again back at spawn. When I finally got home, I placed a new bed where there were no protection blocks, slept in it, jumped to my death once again, and respawned in the newest bed.

    I guess I could still test to see if sleeping in the protected bed but adding minekid to the protection would allow me to spawn at that bed.

    I don’t remember this being the case before as I had used the guest house in Old Ael Post that was protected by Odie and I seem to remember having spawned there. Maybe not. Anyway, that was what happened this time. Hope that helps recreate the situation.