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I just haven’t been adding aliases because I feel like it creates more maintenance required to add the backwards compatibility and I’ve been more focused on getting things setup for a more long-term and trimmer base of code. It does suck in the short term to have things break, but since I still consider this as an alpha-stage type of project, I haven’t been too worried about it.

The aliases could be used to support MTG namespaces though which might add more compatibility to mesecraft modules for other mods, but it hasn’t been a huge concern. I understand why it’s frustrating, MisterE was talking to me about this as well.

The unique namespaces are also a Minetest ContentDB requirement. They were getting on me about it about how if I change parts of a mod I can’t refer to it as the same mod anymore if it’s within MeseCraft on the contentDB. So I’ve just decided to give unique namespacing to anything that is changed or within MeseCraft. Long term, it would benefit the game to have its own namespacing too, better branding, and the unique namespacing should help more name changes in the future since we’d have our own spaces to work within.

It’s probably not perfect thinking, but that was the goal I was aiming for. I just haven’t been taking the time to account for depreciated name strings. The community here has been pretty patient with that and I appreciate that, but I can see how its frustrating for players and server operators.