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Found This:

Short version, this was not considered a bug, and was never going to be fixed.  It was always the plan for someone else to replace chests with a loot container (like lootchest mod).  I’m guessing Mesecraft just hasn’t gotten around to integrating the two mods (alpha release, etc).

I say that it still is a bug, if anyone ever forks and expands this project.  If any future “plans” involve nodes with constructors, those constructors need to be called.  If Mesecraft intends to keep Geomoria, I’m guessing the mod will eventually be customized.  (The fountains really don’t work with dynamic liquid…)

Trying to work out now how to get lootchests to fill Geomoria.  I suspect it’s going to be straightforward.  The hard part is going to be: Filled with what?  (game balance is a can of worms)