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    Ok, I’ve submitted a pull request.  Fingers crossed.  Let’s see what the dev team does with it.  Several unrelated bugs that keep the unstable branch from running, a fix for pre-existing buggy chests…  It’s been a bit of a journey.  I stuck to mostly bronze and steel stuff, seeds, with a few goodies thrown in.  No Mese, no magic materials.  You can find rare lightposts in ruins on the surface, for example, so I don’t feel bad about that.

    Numbers are maximums.  The average will be about half that.  Average 16 item stacks.  I expect someone will pare this back a bit before it gets merged in.  The goal is to get players to hesitate before skipping past Geomoria.  Chests in Geomoria aren’t that common, though there are hidden chests if you already know where to look.

    loot_table = {
    {“default:coal_lump”, 40},
    {“default:stick”, 99},
    {“default:torch”, 90},
    {“candles:candle”, 5},
    {“pigiron:iron_ingot”, 12},
    {“default:steel_ingot”, 8},
    {“default:copper_ingot”, 16},
    {“default:tin_ingot”, 16},
    {“default:bronze_ingot”, 14},
    {“moreores:silver_ingot”, 6},
    {“default:gold_ingot”, 2},
    {“default:mese_post_light”, 2},
    {“df_trees:goblin_cap_wood_mese_light”, 2},
    {“moreblocks:glow_glass”, 1},
    {“death_compass:inactive”, 2},
    {“bees:bottle_honey”, 1},
    {“bees:wax”, 10},
    {“farming:seed_barley”, 10},
    {“farming:seed_cotton”, 10},
    {“farming:seed_mint”, 10},
    {“farming:seed_oat”, 10},
    {“farming:seed_rice”, 10},
    {“farming:seed_rye”, 10},
    {“farming:seed_wheat”, 10},
    {“farming:string”, 6},
    {“bweapons_bows_pack:arrow”, 50},
    {“bweapons_bows_pack:bolt”, 50},
    {“ropes:wood1rope_block”, 2},
    {“tnt:gunpowder”, 10},
    {“vessels:glass_bottle”, 3},
    {“vessels:glass_fragments”, 20},