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    My purpose is to strive for an easy gameplay, and make it as natural as possible.
    Assume that 20 minutes = 1 day in-game. (or 1 minute in-game = 1/20 day)
    * Normal light will be extinguished. Magical light won’t.
    * The light brightness: mesecon lamp = meselamp > gold spindlestem extract > Jack’s O Lantern > green spindlestem extract > torch > cyan spindlestem extract > various candle wall and lamp > vintage oil lamp > candle > red spindlestem extract.
    Light items will be brighter if there is some glasses around it. (reflection)
    * The time until the energy dies out:
    Time: torch > various candle wall and lamp > candle
    (candle light time depends on what type of it, but perhaps we could just limit to only one type)
    * Fireplace’s like a furnace: it can be used to burn things. We’re using a furnace like using a fireplace, so we should use only an item and remove another.
    * The flower, plants and mushrooms can be trampled, except for large trees.
    + Week objects should be destroyed by walking on them.
    {Candle, Gills, Bean Pole, Trellis, Leaves} (there’s more)
    * Harvest time of various type of plants: (in good condition)
    The point here is that the harvest time will be: saplings > plants > bushes > mushrooms. (not sure about bushes and plants)
    Format: {(x, n) | x is name of a plant and n is the number of day in-game}
    + Bush saplings: {(original bush saplings, 4), (blueberry bush saplings, 4), (acacia bush saplings, 4), (pine bush saplings, 4)}.
    + Saplings: {(apple tree sapling, 9), (jungle tree sapling, 10), (emergent jungle tree sapling, 10), (pine tree sapling, 10)}.
    + Mushroom: {(brown mushroom, 1), (red mushroom, 1)}
    + Plants: {(wheat, 6), (cotton, 6), (tomato, 6), (corn, 6), (potato, 6), (papyrus, 6), (rice, 6)}
    Bonemeal and fertilizer will hasten their growth, but must be limited. Too much and the plants will be dead.
    Some plants are poisonous: {red mushroom} (maybe we should add more?)
    (There’re others plants in the dark caves, so leave that for other times.
    Those numbers are chosen at random, I have no ideas how the scene plays.)
    * Condition for the growth of plants:
    + Bush and normal saplings: daylight
    + Underground saplings: can’t survive the daylight.
    * Monsters can go through the nether and sky gates.
    * You only can see farther when you’re holding the binocular and use it. You must hold it on your hand.
    + Press and hold the use key.
    + Wield the binocular by using it, unwield it when you use it again.
    In all the cases the zoom key is for adjusting the distance.)
    * Solve the confliction of blueberry plants and bush, Uber-Slime crash, and duplicated items:
    Candy cane and corn pickaxes should be removed. Enhanced cactus shield should be removed.
    The blueberry bush seems to be nicer than the blueberry plant
    * Tools: a knife is a multpurpose tool. It should be added.
    Their range: gun > bow > spear > sword > knife
    A board and a knife should be used as a replacement for cutting board item.
    + The hunting weapons: gun, sword, knife, bow, spear.
    + The normal tools: pickaxe, axe, shovel, knife.
    Only rifle should be added. And we can remove other ancient hunting weapons.
    The reason is that add more gun or ancient weapon could make the hunting more easier.
    I’m not sure about the ancient weapon. You could just use the set of tools {knife, rifle, pickaxe, axe, shovel} (minimal set, maybe).
    (The text is too long, and i don’t have other ideas, currently. I’ll stop here. I’ll probably add more later.)