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    MeseCraft has been updated with the Climate modpack by TestificateMods. This software will allow MeseCraft to have more dynamic weather environments i
    [See the full post at: New Weather Effects]


    I have some critiques about this:
    The puddles IMO look ugly as round smooth textured shapes. They probably should be retextured and made square or at least pixelated.

    How is the weather system with lag?

    Also, I would suggest making your own mod for mesecraft weather: Use runs’ climatez (very low lag, good effects), and modify it to use the lightning from this mod. Do we even need the puddles? If so, then bring that over from this mod too. I have been using climatez on Centeria without trouble.


    The weather seems OK. I might play with runz cimatez to see how it works too though. I’ll be online today. It seems like my sleep schedule is OK today.


    As you might know or have heard, my house at Ho was recently burned down, and I have reason to believe it had something to do with the Lightning. If it is true, that the lightning burned down my house, can you add a way to stop this from happening?


    I’m sorry to hear that Kip. Did you have fire in your house? I decided to enable fire in servers. This can be dangerous but it also makes the game more lively and more dynamic. Currently, it doesn’t seem like protectors stop fire. Which is probably what needs to really be addressed here. An issue should be opened up about this in suggestions or the notabug git repo issues.


    Also, both your comments have been approved. They likely will not be held for pending moderation next time you post.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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