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    exploration, crafting, and fun-  already trumped the clones on those points –  more focused on RLcraft type of an adventure  scenario with more landmarks to explore sounds spot on to me

    The  limitations of servers and devices is a bind when playing offline single player-  so best keeping the base solid and  streamlined while creating  custom additional packs- where people can pick and choose more tech or wildlife to beef up the main game to create more depth and longevity for single player – make it easy for players to pick up and play rather than the mare of finding compatible when you are newbie

    A single player  example-  world gen was producing some absolute quality diverse terrain -now its stuck on tundra or snow –  I am sure this does not reflect the startup on the server game – at the moment it’s a barren world with hardly any life- pretty harsh for a first time player

    – loving the diversity of the mese mobs but they are not frequently spawning enough so  I have added animal world awesome monsters and forgotten monsters to generate more topside-  i see plans to add goblins and the Dwarfs- not DF carvens without them- but what are you thoughts on animalworld as it brings the world to life

    – you mentioned gadgets – is it possible to add a universal automated spawner where a player can pick and choose which additional mobs to spawn  – These 100 days hardcore challenges are growing in popularity – I think there is  potential to create the hardest sandbox survival challenge of all time using mesecraft as the base –