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    Wrong link at the bottom of your about page ,the following is the  direct link

    If you bring up the above link you will see  a panel on the right titled dependencies and below a scrolling box  titled optional –  now some of those are not present on the database at all-  this suggests that its an auto generated list and not added by the team ? some clarification would be welcome

    Been browsing the Dev notes and see that technic is highly recommended – if so then there needs to be better  documentation about additional mods on the forum – also the zipped content of mods removed ?? are they ok to add back in for offline single player –  did not know there were music tracks  – what are the lore books ?

    Us off line single players are a bit out of the loop due to not being on the servers -I just want all that play mesecraft  to have the best possible experience






    You should feel free to customize MeseCraft on your PC however you like. You can add technic via content DB easily. However, I don’t think I’ll add it back into the game. It was in there before but it simply add’s too much focus on local automation. When I removed it a lot of players were a bit upset by that, but it simply makes the game more focused on exploration and crafting. I don’t like to automate things in the game too much because then there is no need for the player to play the game anymore. There is the game Factorio for total automation games. MeseCraft is focused more on exploration, crafting, and fun, but we’ll see how it ends up as it is updated. I don’t mind adding machines, but it can also make the game way too easy. It turns it more into a circuitry game, not a world exploration game.

    Yes, the dependencies on ContentDB is autogenerated.

    Music is in the game, you can add it to the mods/ folder to manually enable it, I like it, but it makes players take too long to load into our server, and Android devices cannot currently load the game with Music enabled.

    Lorebooks will be added soon to add story and narratives into the game to tell more lore about the world.


    exploration, crafting, and fun-  already trumped the clones on those points –  more focused on RLcraft type of an adventure  scenario with more landmarks to explore sounds spot on to me

    The  limitations of servers and devices is a bind when playing offline single player-  so best keeping the base solid and  streamlined while creating  custom additional packs- where people can pick and choose more tech or wildlife to beef up the main game to create more depth and longevity for single player – make it easy for players to pick up and play rather than the mare of finding compatible when you are newbie

    A single player  example-  world gen was producing some absolute quality diverse terrain -now its stuck on tundra or snow –  I am sure this does not reflect the startup on the server game – at the moment it’s a barren world with hardly any life- pretty harsh for a first time player

    – loving the diversity of the mese mobs but they are not frequently spawning enough so  I have added animal world awesome monsters and forgotten monsters to generate more topside-  i see plans to add goblins and the Dwarfs- not DF carvens without them- but what are you thoughts on animalworld as it brings the world to life

    – you mentioned gadgets – is it possible to add a universal automated spawner where a player can pick and choose which additional mobs to spawn  – These 100 days hardcore challenges are growing in popularity – I think there is  potential to create the hardest sandbox survival challenge of all time using mesecraft as the base –


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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