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Calling people “Master Players” Is kinda a stretch, as we have many people with unique abilities, and holding one over the other can make people a little jealous. Also there has never been an assistant admin ever in the server’s history, and there most likely never will be as we really don’t need one. Also naming a reward for being a “master” builder the “Mineman Reward” is kinda wrong. While Mineman is an exceptional builder and I have seen many of his builds, on Mesecraft and other servers, there are many people who have remarkable building skills as well such as Amicus, MisterE, Sundance, Giorge, Brown Bear, Keihdra, and many other people. I just think that singling one person out as the best builder on Mesecraft and naming a reward after them without their consent just isn’t what should be in Mesecraft.

*Edit* There are also many people who don’t show their skill in building all the time, like myself and many others, mostly because of this reason, they don’t want people gushing over their work like it’s the best thing ever built.