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This brief guide is VERY helpful for a new player (like myself). I’ll be using this information next time I play.

I stumbled into Mesecraft only recently and just started playing around in Creative Mode. After that, I tested the waters with a survival experience, but returned to Creative and have been exploring the inventory, the spawn eggs, weapons, etc. I found a book to craft a portal and did just that. More books would rock. I found this site and see that there’s definitely a lot of awesome creative thought going into Mesecraft as it grows, deepens, and expands. It would definitely help to have walk-through material available in-game as it would prompt players to stay inside the world and learn within that fantasy context as opposed to reading within a browser.

As an aside: Are there any Youtubers who have explored Mesecraft? Or, are there any recommended mods that could enhance the experience or help solidify the lore?