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Guide to Mesecraft- How to play

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    So, you just started Mesecraft and don’t know what to do? Well, your first step is to look around and survey your spawn area. Is there wood? Is there food? Did you spawn in a village?

    The Canteen

    Now that you’ve done that, your next step is to immediately find the closest water source and then punch down a tree for wood. After you have gotten the wood you’ll open your inventory. You’ll notice that on the top there are some tabs, you will click the guide. The guide shows you how to craft items and tools that you will use on your adventure. In the guide you’ll notice a search bar that you’ll type ‘canteen’ into.

    The guide will now show you how to craft a wooden canteen. What do you use it for? Well, you may notice that just above your hotbar is a blue bar with a waterdrop in front of it, this stands for your thirst bar, and if you take your canteen and left-click the water, it will fill the canteen and you’ll be able to fill your water bar more effectively. Also remember that if your canteen runs out, you can always fill it again by left-clicking a water source. You can also craft other canteens that last longer once you get the required resources.

    Early Start

    (This part can basically be skipped unless you are new to Minetest itself or want a refresher, however this part does include some useful tips)

    Now that you have something to keep you hydrated you can now start on making better tools, as the ones you spawned with won’t last long. Your first step is to take your Wooden Pick and either dig down till you find stone or wander around till you find a cave or mountain side. You will mine the stone and then search Pick, Sword, or Axe into guide and craft the stone versions of them. These have better durability and are stronger than wooden tools.

    Now, you’ll notice that even with these tools you don’t seem that protected, remember those multiple tabs I talked about? In your inventory one of the tabs is titled armor, here you place your armor and it gives you better protection. In the guide you’ll search up ‘armor’, this will show all the types of armor, we want wooden as it is the only one we can make at the moment. Now that you have this armor you’ll put it on using the tab I mentioned earlier. Want more protection? Well, if you search up ‘shield’ in your guide you’ll see that you can craft a wooden shield, this can be equipped the same way as the armor. Another way to equip your armor is to put it in your hotbar, select it, and left-click.

    Wow, you now have new armor and better tools! What do you do now? Well, remember the water bar? Just above it is a brown one with a piece of bread in front of it. This is your food bar. In Mesecraft if you eat too much of a food, you’ll see that your stomach starts to get tired of it and that food has less effect on your bar. That is why you need a varied diet. So now with your sword you must look for animals to hunt and get their meat. You also might find some wild veggies.

    Night Time

    Night has approached you and monsters are everywhere, how will be safe? Well, if you are near a village, you might find a bed inside one of the houses that lets you sleep the night away. But what if you aren’t near a bed? Maybe while you were hunting you found some sheep! Sheep drop wool, and if you have three wool you can craft your own bed and sleep the night away. Other ways to escape the night is digging a hole and burying yourself in it, this way the monsters can’t get you.

    A Spiffy New Base 

    You survived the night! Hurray! Now you need to settle in a place fast to protect yourself from the many more nights to come. If you are playing on a server I’d suggest you try to get at least 200-400-(as far as you think is safe) blocks away from spawn to ensure your house is safe from grief or so that if you want to mine you’ll not run into anyone else’s mine.

    Now, slight tangent here, but on Mesecraft (and most other servers) we have blocks called Protection Blocks, Iron Doors, and Locked Chests. Protection blocks will protect a small area from griefers, Iron Doors will stop people from coming in your house, and Locked Chests stop people from snooping through your chests. While these items aren’t obtainable in early game, they are useful to know about.


    You have a Canteen, a food source, new armor and tools, and a cool base! Now you need to focus on mining. Mining allows you to get new ores, cool blocks, and valuable resources. However what is the most effective way to mine? Well, in the early game, the best way to mine is not by walking aimlessly through a cave, but by digging down. First you make a lot of ladders (Like a lot), then you dig a 1×2 hole in open daylight. Now you dig this hole down placing the ladders as you go.

    Remember to be careful while digging down though! As in Mesecraft we have DEEP caves. Some caves can have a height of 300 blocks, and there are some with heights of more than 1000! Our caves also use the DF caverns mod, which gives us some really cool caves!

    Branching out

    Well, now that you have new tools, a new house, and knowledge of how to start, there isn’t much left for me to tell you. However now that you have had a good start, you can do whatever you’d like as Mesecraft has a whole world to explore! You explore the massive caves, the creepy underworld, the oceans, the large floating cloud islands!….and maybe, even space?

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