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    I can certainly understand the time-crunch of life and its responsibilities. In my limited experience, I can feel a unique tone coming through the game. From the music used on the Mesecraft start-up screen to the unique assortment of spawn eggs, items, and ambiance. Which is great. Mystery always helps a narrative when its balanced with a certain amount of clarity (and I do speak from experience w/ that thought). And your in-game “Awards” system is quite handy as a reminder of things to accomplish.

    And I did use this post as my guide last night as I played in singleplayer mode. It did certainly help as I was even unaware of the existence of canteens, but found it immediately helpful!

    I’m not sure if this is the right post, but are there any skin/character options in the works? I could certainly experiment w/ MT skin mods, but didn’t know if there were skin options that I’m missing. Thank you.