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yea i somewhat agree. i remember the first time i saw guns in some blocky sandbox games and it seemed really odd and out of place, HOWEVER, we also do have mese tech, and other more modern tech, rather than all just medieval type fantasy world. as it is, mesecraft is already quite different with the going to the moon and mars and the bizzare ‘space aliens’ to be found there, so possibly using the guns mods, but making them look not like historical human made guns?


while searching through the contentdb recently i wanted to play around with more dynamite/TNT, so i searched for “tnt” and tried out various mods, and boy are they FUN!! especially when you tweak their damage radius.


there was an old video game called ‘Rampage’, where you played these giant animals just trashing buildings and such, and it was a lot of cathartic fun. it’s possible, with the massive vertical space in a MT world to have several ‘realms’ such as we already have the moon, the nether, etc. one with light gravity like the moon and endless rocket launcher ammo would be ridiculously fun if it could be worked into the game somehow, for those seeking that kind of chaos and adventure.


there could possibly be some boss mob to fight which puts up defenses in the form of piles of rock/blocks, and you have to blast it out, which would be something new for these blocky sandbox games, as far as i know. something big and massive to use the rocket launcher, or you won’t kill it. again, perhaps re-skinning the rocket launcher from the military green to something more wild and colorful looking. dragon launcher? mese cannon? etc.


whack-a-mole with giant sandworms and rocket launcher/mese-cannons anybody?