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I mostly agree with gentooza, i do think guns would degrade the immersion, but:

  • there is a television,an helicopter and a toaster in the game right now.
  • guns are really fun to use.

Here is 2 options to add the gun fun into the game while keeping it immersive:

  • 1: no real guns, (Possibly remove everything “”technologically advanced””), and make some magical weapons with a “gunny” feeling
  • (i.e: loud, precise, has recoil, has nice clicky metalic noises)


  • 2: yes real guns but only “vintage” guns like a flintlock,a musket or a bayonet. maybe you can enchant a bullet ?
  • the guns could be in a “bad” state when you find them, waterlogged, overgrown, rusted, (but still working). An overgrown revolver is telling you that time has passed, and that we are no longer in a “fresh gun era”.