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That’s a helpful response from @keihdra. Steel is a great early game toolset until you can get to Mese,Diamond, or even Mithril. Tools need some more work to stand out from each other. I need to figure something out with lighting that works well. People tend to make MeseLamps and chop them up with the table saw to get more out of them. Pumpkins is kind of a player discovered workaround for now, it seems to work well if you can get a farm for them going. It’s a bit silly and really funny.

, I really appreciate the feedback and the positive feedback is inspiring and motivating for me. Thank you. I’ve been getting a bit more time to work on MeseCraft lately, and I’ve been starting to make progress with it again. Help is always welcome too, I think I need to layout some areas that need work though because not everyone knows where to help out.

In game documentation is a thing that people bring up a lot. It needs to be added, but since there is a lot changing in the game right now it’s hard to prioritize it because a lot of it will change. I’ll get to that somehow. I was thinking books or maybe in game tips or a manual could be helpful.


If you get the time, please try to leave feedback for MeseCraft on the Minetest ContentDB as it helps the game grow in popularity too. Welcome to the MeseCraft community. I’m happy you joined us! 🙂