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* The information of the game could be found in this community, especially in project page. The community is for developers as well as the users.
* The criteria hasn’t been published at this time.
* The core feature probably includes all the basic features in minetest game, but I’m not sure. There’s no coincidence. The admin said that he had considered about what to add and what not to carefully.
* Unless everything which was tested is statistically reported in a documentation, there are no reliable premises.

In short, the draft of complete specification hasn’t been published yet. Without it, everything’s hazy because of a curtain which is still covering the project. Should you play with the source code, you’ll uncover the answers of some questions. That’s what I may do while waiting for the drafts.

PS. I’m not fond of lua either, and didn’t understand how the mods could be run in minetest. But wonder why the admin didn’t put the code in his own git or svn server.