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    It’s also the most fun part. I’m sure some people wash out and don’t come back sadly but a lot get through the beginning and start running out of challenges and the game gets stale, which is a challenge ewe need to address as a project and come up with some ideas.

    Spawns are pretty random in terms of which biome you’ll get. I prefer apple biomes myself. I think I balanced alot of the mob spawns around the apple and some other forest biomes. So they might be more common in some, but I tried to add mobs to all biomes and unique to their environments. In the future, I’d really like to add more unique biomes and villages, societies, and people to the game.

    Also, I try to account for people who play MeseCraft in singleplayer mode too. It’s not just multiplayer, but multiplayer is the primary focus usually. However, everything *should* work fine in SP. 🙂