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I think the default blueberries (by whatever name) do provide an interesting change to other crops.  I like to plant a few in hedge rows.  Harvesting them is a pleasant change of pace from soil based crops.  My opinion, it’s just the name conflict that’s at issue.  Though I would be potentially interested in another hedge based fruit or two.  I’m guessing it wouldn’t be hard.

It does seem that far too many crop foods pop up on the same biomes, though.  Typically, you find grassland with one food crop, and you have most of them, along with most farm animals.  It seems unbalanced strongly in favor of players spawned in this biome, and strongly biased against players spawned elsewhere.

There are a few other name conflicts I’ve encountered.  “Fiber” is a big one.  It’s intrinsic in a system of haphazard modification.  But it would help game cohesion to polish some of the rough edges.