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Status update and some questions


I’ve got the proposed recipes working.  I think I’ve got listring (shift-click) working properly.  I’ve fixed 2 preexisting bugs, and found 2 spots that are probably also bugs.

I need to draw a texture for wax in water… unless someone volunteers.  I still have to update pipeworks support (didn’t know it was in there).  I need to write LBMs to update any worlds loaded with the new mod so that they’ll play nice (new node inventory structure).

I would like to implement swarming and hive splitting, but that’s going to need to be a whole project on its own.  I note that bees help flowers grow, but do nothing for crop yields.  That might be something to look into.


Question 1

How expensive should wax rendering be (boiling wax)?  I currently have it set to 10 seconds, which is more than most recipes.  The real process takes hours, but so do a lot of the things that a furnace will spit out in seconds.  For reference, 10 seconds cost fuel to the tune of 1 charcoal, 1/4 coal lump, or about 1/2 a log of tree (depending on the tree).  I think most recipes take 3 seconds.

Question 2

The bees mod uses very small stacks comparatively.  I’ve already increased the queen bee stack size from 1 to 8, which is still irrationally small.  Bottles of honey are limited to 12, while juice bottles go to 99 (same bottle).  Frames are limited to 12 full or 24 empty.  Comparing these to stone, that suggests either that frames have a volume of 4 cubic meters, or weigh 13 metric tons apiece.  Absurd.

I’m inclined to lift the stack size restrictions.  There can still be a limit to the number of frames inserted into an extractor, if desired.  But what does everyone else think?  I don’t see any good reason for the current state, and I don’t think it’s a game balance issue, but I don’t want to just assume there is no reason at all.