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I forgot to mention that I had this experience on the Mesecraft Server #1.
And there is something else interesting that I noticed:
Gold armor, for example, can make you so slow that you might think about wearing a lighter amour for ‘everyday’ and traveling and only put on the gold armor when you go somewhere where you expect real trouble. I also see this as a valuable asset. However, this consideration has only occurred to me since the weather mod was installed.

And as for the feedback: If good modifications can be made to the game, it’s also to my benefit. 🙂

One last thing I wanted to pick up on because I think it would be so important, at least with the current modification, to maintain the high level of detail in Mesecraft. And that would be the wind effect in shot rooms. I realize that the definition of enclosed spaces and wind protected areas must be highly difficult or impossible. Therefore, I have been thinking about a reasonably elegant intermediate solution.
My first ideas were not to let the movement modification take effect on common building materials such as wood and processed stone. Or to define protected areas as windless. However, this does not seem very elegant to me as a solution. If, however, it were possible with reasonable effort to allow the wind effect to occur only on materials that occur as substrates in the surface biomes, this would have the side effect that deliberately built roads would have a real advantage in terms of movement.

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