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I have looked at the color palette under the link. Unfortunately, there is only a small picture on which the colors are used. So it’s difficult to say how the environment would look like if it was applied to the whole game. And even more how it would feel to play in such an environment.
Maybe like in the Minetest game “XaEnviornment?”. It took me some time to accept the reduced rendering when I tried the game in single player maybe 2 years ago. It’s clear that the reduced rendering would result in a significant loss of rendering quality. On the other hand, I understand that limiting the colors would give some advantages for the development of the game. Possibly the game would then also become more compatible for less powerful devices?
Although I was a bit impressed by what a game like “XaEnviornment” should be able to offer for weaker devices, I was glad when I switched back to games with the usual graphics of Minetest and could play Minetest on a PC with the full color palette.

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