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There are some good criticisms here. I’ll address each quickly.

The use of coins

This is still planned but I want to incorporate it more. The entire economy will be based on gold, silver, and maybe copper. It’s pretty funny to me that in Minetest forums, people are always trying to figure out how to get economy in the game with cryptocurrencies and paper money, but the simplest and most integratable and relevant form of currency, physical metal monies is right under everyone’s noses. It was thought that coin minting would be the source of coins. But this hasnt been implemented or finalized. Still sort of thinking about this as I’ve been rethinking the smelting process a bit too and want to make those metals more important in the game.

The use of mob fighting.

Mobs dont drop coins anymore because i wanted to encourage exploration and mining instead of mob combat farming,, but both are good mechanics that could be useful. I just didn’t want mobs to be the main source of economy. As that will then become the primary game mechanic for people to progress. Rather exploration and adventure should be the main focus.

The use of trading posts flags

This was done only because I didn’t like that someone could be deep deep underground and still spawn a trading post. This can be up for debate. Also it creates an entirely different marketplace and that reduced the usefulness of the other markets, the more seperate markets there are, the less important I thought the others were. Also, I thought about implementing an online shop with the laptops too but didn’t want to implement it because it was a cheap way to get stuff if you were in danger. Starving to death deep underground? Just use a online or trading post to buy food. I guess I just didn’t like that mechanic much. But maybe if it was limited to the surface or something different that could work out? I’d really like some discussion on this one at some point.

MeseCraft’s glory days

Those are 100% ahead of us, not behind us. 🙂