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    So this not really a suggestion but more of a complex observation of how the use of King’s Market has drastically declined over the last 3 years. Unknown to you guys (and Unreal) I have been gathering data for the past 2 years on many aspects of Mesecraft to help with the server in the future, and one of those things was the King’s Marketplace.

    A long time ago, in the Server’s early beta days, Unreal had finally announced that it’s Alpha version was coming and with it we’d get a new trading tool: The King’s Market. After that was added, most trades were made on the the King’s Market and people loved it, most trying to see who can get the most coins by the end of the month. However, after 3 months went by, Unreal made it so Zombies, Boomers, Skeletons, and Snowmen did not drop coins anymore, instead, you had to use the other method of getting coins: Gold. However, once mobs didn’t drop coins anymore, the decline of the Marketplace began. This was mostly because new players would use the King’s Marketplace to buy things like protection blocks and steel tools, all of which would make new players want to stay on longer, however, now that they couldn’t get coins from zombies anymore, they stopped using the marketplace, and more experienced or further progressed players also stopped using it too, because there was no one who would buy their goods. And with the removal of coins as drops, so did the new players’ will to fight, as now the only thing that had just a tiny bit of value from a zombie’s drop was bones, but not many people would go out hunting for a zombie’s bones, so after that, new players just ran off.

    Another thing that greatly affected the popularity of the market place was the Trading Post being removed. If you don’t what that is because you joined after the removal, I’ll explain. The Trading posts were basically flags that you would craft and place in about a 4×5 area, then you would right click and a timer of 2 minutes would appear on it. After the 2 mins were up, a Trading Cart would arrive and stay for about 5 minutes, and would give you access to the King’s Market. However it was removed, because it was thought that it made players lazy. So it got chucked out of the game, and players had to walk all the way to spawn or to the closet town with a marketplace just to trade. And players didn’t really like that, so they stopped using it for awhile.

    The marketplace had then become so unpopular that Unreal actually temporally removed it. After it was added back in, some people still used it but not as much as back in the glory days of Mesecraft. Odie has contributed greatly to trying to make it popular again, with giving some people step-by-step instructions on how to use it. I think it might gain popularity once again if coin drops were added back in, and may be even a coin mint too, and the Trading Posts would be great, as many people live hundreds of blocks from the nearest marketplace.



    There are some good criticisms here. I’ll address each quickly.

    The use of coins

    This is still planned but I want to incorporate it more. The entire economy will be based on gold, silver, and maybe copper. It’s pretty funny to me that in Minetest forums, people are always trying to figure out how to get economy in the game with cryptocurrencies and paper money, but the simplest and most integratable and relevant form of currency, physical metal monies is right under everyone’s noses. It was thought that coin minting would be the source of coins. But this hasnt been implemented or finalized. Still sort of thinking about this as I’ve been rethinking the smelting process a bit too and want to make those metals more important in the game.

    The use of mob fighting.

    Mobs dont drop coins anymore because i wanted to encourage exploration and mining instead of mob combat farming,, but both are good mechanics that could be useful. I just didn’t want mobs to be the main source of economy. As that will then become the primary game mechanic for people to progress. Rather exploration and adventure should be the main focus.

    The use of trading posts flags

    This was done only because I didn’t like that someone could be deep deep underground and still spawn a trading post. This can be up for debate. Also it creates an entirely different marketplace and that reduced the usefulness of the other markets, the more seperate markets there are, the less important I thought the others were. Also, I thought about implementing an online shop with the laptops too but didn’t want to implement it because it was a cheap way to get stuff if you were in danger. Starving to death deep underground? Just use a online or trading post to buy food. I guess I just didn’t like that mechanic much. But maybe if it was limited to the surface or something different that could work out? I’d really like some discussion on this one at some point.

    MeseCraft’s glory days

    Those are 100% ahead of us, not behind us. 🙂


    Odie, AlexGIF and I are using.


    Day and Night Marketplace a important resource! Many players like to specialize in certain items, others may be in villages near certain biomes, etc. It is important that when you need items whether or not you find them for sale, post your order so that those players that may have what you need can fill your request. Even if your new and don’t have any coins, place an order and I believe the system will accept ‘0’ or ‘0.1’ for a ‘Buy’ price, just don’t abuse players generosity. The Day Market is used more but check Night also ( they do not share ). These markets are available in most villages, some may have Night only.


    Odie, you mentioned vending machines, if you need items to sell on Barrowston, let me know. We can also coordinate on markets that are in villages.

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