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    Re: The Prefect Experience

    Then there are others, where, when you log on, it nothing but a high-tech city that looks cool but then you realize you’ll have to walk 12,000 blocks to just find a simple unprotected tree, but by that time you would have already starved yourself to death.

    I always disliked that too. Worst part of a lot of servers. To a new player its a huge turn off. That’s part of why I always liked to place spawn near a small village. Player built cities are fine and very cool to explore. I want to plan a long term support map that would be around long enough for meaningul player cities to be made. Mobs, yeah they’re pretty good but could be better still. There are some promising developments being made in this area from other modders that could lead to better mobs pretty soon. ElCeejo is probably my favorite mobs maker. But I love the simplicity of mobs_redo too, new API’s are being made, but I need to assess them first. Thanks for the kind words about the game. That is essentially what the goal of mine was when I started Sara’s Simple Survival. I just wanted to make a game that I could play with family and friends and have it be a fun and balanced survival experience. Still on that journey, but it’s longer than I thought and more complex, but I think it is worth it.

    The Community

    Yes, we’ve been really lucky to have friendly and helpful people. I haven’t really had to get involved in moderation much. I personally want to foster a good community here too and like to empower players instead of empowering administration/moderation. I guess I still wish we had more players, but it would bring new problems too so I suppose right now, having a small and dedicated base of players is a great blessing. If there are any big problems though, feel free to contact me.

    The Excitement

    Yeah, part of giving people the freedom to play the game as they wish is what allows things like this to happen. I could just turn off PVP or ban people for griefing and pvp’ing but it would be a ridiculous way to approach the game. PvP’ing is part of player choice. It can be frustrating for new players sadly but I still tend to rely on players and empowering players to find a way for a solution. Technically PvP is not against the rules, it’s better to see people work to gether and cooperate, but its a survival server and its a game, so people should be allowed to play as they wish, its more fun that way.