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The portal blocks need to be re-balanced and turned into something that isn’t really valuable outside of creating portals. Right now there is an infinite metal block duplication bug because of portals. Portals right now can go to the Nether (Hell), Cloudlands (islands in the sky), Moon, and Mars. Portals can be added through the API included with the nether mod pretty easily. But don’t want to over due it and can lean on jump drive (Ship/space travel) for other exploration too. I’d like players to be able to dig to hell but it’s a very big world and that might be too much. Hell I think still starts at -16K or 1/2 the depth of the world. Which is pretty far for most players. So maybe a portal to get there is still necessary.

I’d like space travel and jump drives to be a big part of the later game. For the moon, maybe a portal makes sense since its pretty close to Earth. Mars, maybe find a way to get there with a portal or leave jump drive.

There should be an outer space part where the asteroid biomes are and maybe an empty space section. Space mobs and other ships with cannons and stuff. Just thoughts, mix like the show firefly and the game FTL together for that somehow.

But I’ve been thinking about game progression. Should be tutorial –> Earth –> Caves –> Hell –> Moon or Mars –> Space –> Maybe far out planets only visitable with jump drives. etc. Also, this progression would be how you obtain materials and how you can build portals to unlock new biomes, items, npcs, and new ores.

Mars and Moon could have their own unique ores and more ores as we go further out into the biomes/space.


and @kiopy7 I’ve tried using rockets before. They didn’t work well. It’s fun, but the rocket ship mod didn’t really work well in terms of steering and handling. But once you got to the bottom of the moon, it is a layer.  It is solid and impossible to get through without portals (or it is supposed to be, but there may be a few bugs or items that still haven’t be fixed). I think this should be built into the lore. Since there is a weird boundry surrounding the world, we can say it’s something like a forcefield or wall-built by the antagonists.

But space travel will probably be through jump drives, and portals.

I’m also planning to add Meseportals back into the game (Basically Stargates). Links that players can setup, but it should be expensive and very hard to dig back up.