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@odie Yeah, so about Ho. Right now, I’m focusing on my own personal gain (hehehe), but here is a list of natural resources that is in great abundance at Ho:

1. Wood (Mainly apple and pine)

2. Apples (Duh)

3. Wool (Sheep spawn like crazy here)

4. All types of meat

5. NPC Slaves (This is a joke concerning the game mechanic that allows you to tame and capture NPCs, do not take this seriously :D)

6. Rice, Cotton, and Carrots

7. Water

8. Sand

9. Ocean goo

10. Fish and Bonemeal

11. Eggs (EGGS!)

There are the resources that could be gathered underground but I’m just talking about the ones that are easy to obtain.

(Also, I do have a trading company called Spoice Co. so I’d be glad to join the guild)