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    @ Kiopy7

    In Ael post I have need for water and especially finished products that require a lot of water require. It is more efficient to produce goods where most of the raw materials needed for them are found together instead of trading the individual raw materials. Therefore I see in Ho a chance for some productions. It would also be conceivable to partially automate production by using hoppers and automatic workbenches. Whoever builds it first has the chance to dominate the small, but probably permanent market for gelatine powder and rose water at least for a while. 🙂 I also buy wood from the market from time to time to make charcoal for steel. (I’m competing with AlexGIF’s production, which is undoubtedly more efficient, but what else am I going to do with all the iron? 🙂 )In addition, there is now an increased need for Jungelgrass as some Savannah soil is still to be replaced within my protected areas. At the moment there is no need for additional ordinary sand or sandstone but this can change abruptly as soon as someone decides to build with sandstone. Also I could imagine to buy eggs from the market now and then… if the price fits. 🙂

    In general I think it is efficient to offer goods offensively on the markets because it prevents the buyer from spending money in advance for goods he will get later. After all, the buyer can probably use the money in the meantime to buy other goods. Also, it is advisable to have placed your offer on the market before a need arises in order to be the first to sell on that market (and thus participate in the initial pricing). Most importantly, a potential buyer might have the idea to produce his own goods if they are not immediately available on the market.

    You also asked about being added as a member to different protection blocks in Ael Post. I think it would make sense in this case to work with coordinates so I know which protection blocks to work on. I normally don’t like the use of coordinates but this is more for long distance orientation. It would also be interesting to know which areas in Ael Post you plan to revise.

    Also you asked me with a sign to destroy the ugly stone block in the northwest of Ael Post. I think the appearance could be reworked, but basically I was planning to keep the building as a building. It is at least fireproof from the outside and in this way built according to one of the premises of CARZOMG’s architecture. The ulterior motive I have is this: I wanted to preserve the northeast corner with its elevated walkways and fire-safe building style and just rework the appearance. This way we would not only have the building styles of all three players (CARZOMG, Kiopy7 and Odie) united in one village but each building style would also have its own district.

    On this occasion:

    @ CARZOMG if you want control of NW Ael Post or want me to add you as a member to the protection blocks let me know. I put the protection blocks at that time mainly to stop the advancing devastation of the neighborhood.

    Samarathal, in my opinion, shows that you can create respectable structures with elevated walkways and fireproof buildings. I would suggest replacing some of the red cobblestones on bridges and walls with red desert bricks and adding some ground level paths of red desert stone, but I won’t change anything within the city walls without specific approval. I have, however, created a quarry for red desert stone and desert sand northwest of Samarathal for practical reasons and tried to keep it reasonably presentable. However, the appearance can certainly be worked on. A trail from Samarathal to Wildbank Dales is in the planning stages.

    Concerning the offers (at the moment the offer 🙂 ) in Barrowston my intention at the moment is to promote the trade with goods which are beneficial for the development of the village. So far I had mainly building materials and lighting in mind.

    I plan to give players a small profit for bringing goods from Kings Market to Barrowston (or selling goods from other sources) and to provide an offer for those working on Barrowston. The only thing that worries me a little bit is that the materials I imagine to use there myself have already been used there. This means that players could come up with the Idea of demolishing existing structures in order to sell the blocks.