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    I connected Wildbank Dales to the T.H.R.I.V.E. project. I ask that you do not build any elevated walkways there as they will not really be necessary. The mobs there are rather rare and harmless and the village is located on a bright and rather flat plain so that threats can usually be seen from far away. I also protected the main house and added CARZOMG and Kiopy7 as members.
    I am thinking about making a lot of the sidewalks in some of the T.H.R.I.V.E villages obsolete by using permanent lights. But that would mean the need for tons of bright permanent lights.
    The reason I am thinking about this is that it has proven problematic to rework the high walkways to the small huts (for example in Falldale) in a meaningful and aesthetic way since the small huts leave little room. And a complete new construction would be extensive. I am working on a solution.
    I may have already found a partial solution: If the sidewalks are preferably laid out in a ring around a village, they can be (at least partially) rebuilt into a city wall at a later time. I am aware, however, that this requires a lot of time and material. Therefore I am not sure if this is a really acceptable solution.

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