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    Just some feedback here. Been playing Mesecraft a bit (planning on possibly doing a youtube video about it) and there are alot of things I like but there are some things I wish could be changed.

    -The mountain areas textures are UGLY, the whole game is not the best visually. I personally would like to see some darker textures but the mountains especially are really bad looking.

    -There needs to be more trees. It seems in some areas there is an abundance of them while others are far too baren (IE mountains)

    -Sprint…we need it.

    -Torches going out…it was talked about being added to Minecraft but wasn’t for a reason. It’s a really annoying game mechanic. I get the vibe that this is the game telling me to make better light sources but I don’t particularly like it. I like having the freedom to fill my base with torches and not have to worry about it.

    -TNT man is…uhm well he’s interesting. I actually love some mobs like the grass man I think that’s really cool but TNT man seems like a lousy replacement for a creeper. I think he should still be in the game but maybe make him a rare mob. I assume we don’t want actual Minecraft mobs in the game so I wont ask for a creeper (though if one were added that’d be cool)


    Overall liking alot of what this game does, this was just some criticisms I have gathered thusfar.


    We’ll be working on textures over time.

    If you do some youtube, let me know and maybe I can feature it here.

    Which mountains and colors do you mean? the volcanoes? They are just stone and dirt i think?

    Sprint, not going to add it,it’s asked for a lot, but I think it makes mob evasion too easy. I think sprinting will be tied to magic (mese) abilities and items instead of a player ab ility that can be used anytime. Not sure if springing really adds anything meaningful to how players interact with mobs and the game.

    TNT man, yes he is bascically just a discount bargain bin creeper-like guy. I can’t put in a creeper texture for obvious reasaons, but other than that, it’s a great mob to have in since he just blows up.


    I think that if mobs were made more intelligent and harder to eveade, then sprinting would be a very welcome mechanic. I watched a video about game design that basically said the giving the player multiple modes of locomotion makes the boring trekking parts of any game significantly more interesting.


    I suggest having a top speed, and then letting a walking speed be 0.75 that.


    Already most of the mobs on the surface are easy to avoid even when walking around at night, and a stone sword is enough for fighting any of them except crocs. Perhaps some faster enemies and more ranged enemies could be added.


    i agree with all of the points made here. the OP said we need it, i agree.

    mesecraft said, not going to add it, and the reason given seems sound.

    mistere chimed in with, faster, “harder to evade” mobs, yes, totally, i agree, and dcmenche said easy enough to kill most of them off with a stone sword. so, i think the solution is hiding in plain sight.

    look, there are times when a player dies far FAR from home, happens all the time, and you need to walk all the way back to try and get your bones, often dying a dozen more times while trying to do so, and traversing such HUGE worlds can be REALLY FUCKING BORING! and, since most of us have jobs and school, and various other responsibilities and lives, it’s a real drag when u spend literally all of your playing time just trekking out to where u died (sometimes by accident, like falling, or a one bite spider kill, etc.) so, having sprint doesn’t have to mean get an evade all mobs for free pass – just make the mobs faster too if you’re really worried about it taking a challenge out of the game. making crossing the world and exploring take so long in such a massive sandbox is drudgery.

    another reasonable solution is crafting expensive stuff like crystal boots, a la Centeria server, but sprint could still be somewhere between walking speed and crystal boots speed (although how crystal boots makes any sense is beyond me, and that they make you faster, well, same).



    oh and, i think TNT man is pretty fucking hilarious. it’s a light hearted goofy fun mob, and i like that he’s out there just lookin to fuck up your day XD




    on a somewhat related note, we need MORE badass TNT, there are already great mods for this, we should have them all.

    there’s even one which just digs down down down down down(there are quite a few good uses for this), for a virtually infinite world, why not?

    there are massive massive caverns, there are whole mountain ranges, which, could be destroyed, and practically no one would ever even notice it. it’s a fully destructible world for fuck’s sake, let’s have some fun with that! Mesecraft should be bigger badder BETTER than Minecraft!

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