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    Charcoal can be made by burning any type of log except pine in a furnace, giving you two charcoal per log. Charcoal is used as an alternative to coal and three charcoal can be mixed with one iron ingot and then smelted to create steel.


    Flint is obtained from digging gravel. It can be used in several crafting recipes.


    Used as the main fuel source in the game, coal is easy to find and usually spawns in veins. Extreme amounts of coal can be found in a certain underground biome. Coal can also be used to create black dye.


    Tin is a fairly common resource. It can be used in many crating recipes and is also used to create the alloy called “bronze.”


    Also pretty common, copper is used in many alloy recipes. Copper is also commonly used in machinery.


    Bronze is an alloy created by mixing eight copper ingots and one tin ingot. It is mostly used for decorative purposes, but can also be used to create tools and armor which give about the same amount of protection or damage as steel, but have slightly less durability.


    Once you have dug down quite a ways, -100 that is, you’ll begin to fine large quantities of iron. Iron can be smelted to create weak, temporary weapons and tools. It can also be mixed with charcoal and smelted to create Steel.


    Steel is the most useful item in the whole game besides wood, as it used in more than 100 crafting recipes. It is created by mixing three charcoal and one iron ingot then smelting it. It can make generally durable armor and tools. Steel can also be obtained by smelting the goo of a mineral slime.


    Egerum is a magical crystal that is used as a base in practically all magic recipes.


    Februm is also fairly magical and is used as a fuel source for magical items.


    Gold is a precious metal used to create a more powerful armor set than steel. Gold also has slightly magical properties as it can be used to protect your land from thieves.


    Silver is used as a decorative mineral, and is also used in some alloy recipes.


    Arcanite is an alloy of Februm and Egerum and is used to balance magic recipes. It can also be made into weapons and tools, which give the same amount of damage as diamond does, but is slightly less durable.


    Created with copper and silver, is used for decoration.


    Mese is a radioactive crystal found deep in the world. It can be used for electricity and powerful tools and weapons. Extreme amounts of mese can be found in large mese crystal formations in magma caves far, far below the surface.


    Diamond is a rare precious gem found deep underground. It can be crafted into extremely powerful armor and tools.


    Mithril is a certain metal which was over-mined hundreds of years ago due to it’s strong properties. It can be found in ancient sunken ships and broken, crumbling chests underground. It has the most powerful armor and tool set in the entire game and is an amazing flex if you obtain the whole set.

    (Any information I missed or messed up? Please tell me so that I can fix or add it to the list!)


    Under charcoal should mention that all wood other than pine can be used. Pine just makes a sticky mess when put in a furnace 😁


    Looking through the guide I saw that there is also Nether, but only for tools (no armor).

    Very useful information!! Thanks


    Nether is in there now, all the armor pieces, plus a shield. But I don’t see a recipe for the Nether Portal. Guessing that isn’t in the guide but from a book or something? Great guide btw thanks!


    Yes, it’s in a “TOME OF PORTALS” book or something like that 🙂

    Welcome, btw. Thanks for the bug reports for the site. Glad you made it!

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