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    Aloha fine friends of mesecraft. I must express my sincere admiration for this game. It wasn’t that long ago when I first discovered it, and I was immediately captivated by its vastness, complexity, and challenging gameplay. I’m currently delving deep with my mineshaft beneath my base, and I must say, it’s become quite a formidable task, I’m getting clobbered down there! But hey, that’s part of the fun innit?

    Now, imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon this fantastic website with its development news and active forum. I couldn’t help but envision the growth and activity that would continue as more people discovered Mesecraft. The game seemed to have a rich history of development and progress. However, I must admit that I was disappointed to find out that the last update was in January and the forum has been rather quiet lately. The latest activity was a month ago.

    Hence, I felt compelled to reach out to all the developers, fans, contributors, players, and anyone eager for some news. Is there anything happening behind the scenes? Are there any new features being tested or considered for addition, such as the Draconis and Steampunk Blimp mods (or maybe even Xdecor with its working chessboard)? I crave some juicy titbits about what’s going on in the world of Mesecraft. Or perhaps, have we all moved on from our playful pastimes?

    Let’s revive the spirit of Mesecraft and keep the passion burning!


    I think the last news post was Jan, but there have been updates since. I’m still commited, I know development has slowed, I’ve been very busy (work+family)and need to layout the todo list for contributors on what needs to be done and publicize that so we can get more efficient help/contributions.

    Aside from that, I’ve been designing narrative quite a bit and rethinking somethings.

    There has been a lot of improvements done to the website on the backend for performance and anti-spam, and just this month there were some very nice hardware upgrades for the server the site and games run on.



    Nice to know, I was kind of worried about that too.

    I did see that the server was having a lot of problems for a period there, and I was wondering if you just burnt out/if you still had the motivation.

    (I also need to learn how to contribute, such as, do I make my own branch -> merge into unstable? or do I push into unstable? how that stuff works etc)


    I’m still motivated! Im working on ideas and narrative a lot still when they come to me.

    Yes, someone else here could probably give you more info on contributing, but I believe you are correct. You make a branch and can merge. Ideally, please try to keep merges coming into unstable and they work their way up from there (–> testing, stable)




    ok, good to know, and I appreciate your continued work.

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