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add mod techage and QOL improvements to carts

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      my suggestion is to add the techage mod  in a way that does not force the user to use it but provides an additional pathway for players to go should they want to


      some QOL improvements to carts should includer vertical / horizontal rails and banked rails (for rollercoasters )  and carts should have a max speed of 20 ingame but theyr velocity should be uncapped meaning that although the cart only travels up to 20 nodes a second  placing 20 boost rails at the start of the track should allow the cart to  travel 200 nodes (assuming each powered rail adds + 10 velocity ) 180 of which should be traveled at 20 meters a second   this would  enable launched rollercoasters that only have powered rails at the front of the course (also if techage is unlocked maybe allow carts to go up to power provided / 10 meters a second  of aditional speed (to theyr max speed )


      2  nd if a new node that would be called something like techage  cart  accelerator is used   for coasters that need more speed



      3 the space_travel mod  if  added should get a techage : oxygen bubble creator multiblock and maybe techage could also have advanced space suits with  jetpacks and maybe training gear like space station mockups to get skill points to be able to walk faster on other planets for example

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        I haven’t played the techage mod yet, but the gravel sift I’m pretty sure is from it, I’d be willing to check it out more and maybe use some parts of it if it works. I don’t like adding too much automation into the game because it becomes a different game when there is a lotof that stuff init, like a game about automation and tech instead of discovery and mining.  I’ve bookmarked techage and will check it out more. Thanks.

        I’ve been really disappointed with MTG rails and carts. they dont really work as well as they should. They’re a bit boring. All the cart ideas you shared sound great. Just would be hard for me to implement, but I can try something eventually. Some help on that would be welcomed to improve carts.

        Space ideas sound cool and fun too 🙂

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          a potential way to integrate automation is by having it in the hands of some end-game bosses ;like maybe Aliens at a area 51 structure 😛

          so that players have something to do in the end-game

          as for carts i would probably start with looking at mods that add rails from scratch


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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