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    As you may know at the moment the most useless feature in Mesecraft is Traders. Why are they useless? Just take a look at their trades! One gold ingot for an apple? 3 gold ingots for some clay lumps? No way! Right now, gold is the most valuable ore on the Main server as it allows you to protect your land from greifers. So how can we fix this? Well, for a couple months I’ve thought about this and came up with a pretty good idea. As you may know, there is absolutely no way to trade for items in single-player Mesecraft  unless you have tons of gold, but even then the traders don’t have much to offer. This means that the Night and Kings markets are completely useless in single-player as there is no other player to trade with.

    So here is my idea: Right now on the server, trading with players doesn’t really exist, as they are to focused on using the markets. But because 1 gold= 100 coins, they don’t get much money back or make much money soooooooo…. We completely take the markets out of the game, however not the coin system. We add a coin mint which can make copper, silver, and gold coins, but 1 ingot= 10 coins. By doing this we ensure that the coins aren’t worthless but not that expensive as well, it also makes the coins more realistic as in real life an average gold ingot can really only make 3-7 gold coins, so our gold would still be little better.

    Now here come the second part: Instead of gold ingots that the traders trade, they trade coins instead, and instead of them JUST selling stuff to you, they buy stuff as well. If you look at the trader’s wares today you can see that practically the only desirable items are the diamonds, so we need to add more desirable items. Now copper coins, having the least amount of worth can buy things like cheap food (Blueberries, carrots, apples, ect.), cheap wood (Apple wood and Jungle wood), and some cheap tools (Stone tools, sometimes bronze, ect.). Then silver can buy things like better blocks (Desert stone, sandstone, maybe even some df blocks), better tools (Steel tools, Flint n’steel, maps, ect.), and more rarer woods (Like Acacia or Pine), and then silver could buy better food (Melons, Pumpkins, Bread, Meat, ect.). Then come gold coins which can buy things like Diamonds (maybe be like 15 gold coins), Raw ores, Mese tools?, Better armor?

    Anyways, by making it so we can have it so you sell and buy with traders, it makes for a good economy. But there is still one thing left: Vendors. If you don’t know what vendors are, they are basically a craftable shop. However, vendors aren’t usually used because people tend to use the markets and they get forgotten. Another reason is that  Vendors are super expensive: gold, mese crystals, even diamonds! So if we drop the diamonds out of the craft, they’ll be used more often and it will allow players to sell things for a cheaper price then the Traders, or even things that the traders don’t sell or buy. Another feature that can be added is the ability to craft a new type of smelter that take your 10 coins and turns them back into the original ingot, that way you can profit off the coins better and adds another use for coins.

    Kip out.


    This would be great. Really anything to improve the economy would be well received. I enjoy loading my stuff into the markets, but it seems that very few people actually buy items. Being able to sell to NPC’s would be great. And I agree that the vendors are too expensive to make. If they were a bit cheaper, no diamonds, I’d be able to set up my own grocery store.


    You might consider having 9 coins to the ingot and making it hand-craftable back and forth. This way you have a progression of coins > ingots > blocks for compressing and storing. Any transactions could take any of the three “sizes” and do the crafting for you as necessary.


    imho an even better use of the traders would be that you HAVE to use them, like for some recipes u need things which only traders can provide, similar to how ancient stone can’t be crafted, u have to search for it.


    buy secrets, geocaching type info, search and find: maps, locations of dragons, locations of hot mining areas, things that get you out into the world, long distance expeditions.


    maybe some larger villages can have museums which will buy rare fossils which u find out in the wild to display, and traders can have a role in selling info in some fun lore type of way, like a dead explorer’s journal(books) where they have some entries about finding the tip of what appeared to be a huge fossil, and that they plan to return once they are re-supplied or something like that.


    reports of a shipwreck lost out at sea, which you NEED a nautilus to go and find, and has actual expensive items, like staffs n such, not the usual boring stuff.


    the accuracy can be vague, like ~100 nodes vicinity, or more, depends maybe on the type of discovery or hunt. museums could be in sync with each other, similar to the bulletin boards, so each player can see the rare things others have found and get bragging rights too.


    an extension of that idea would be to have super rare wildlife that players find and catch to display in zoos. or trading in bred animals which come out with beautiful and unique markings, maybe those could be sold at auction, which may only be fun if there are enough players participating, and there are not many players of MT in general, but great games like mesecraft have the potential to draw in more and more players.


    since this thread is about economy, maybe some villages, since there are so many scattered about, can have bakeries, or restaurants offering items with extremely complex recipes(which are fun for some of us to craft, and a pain in the ass for others/most) which add huge hunger and saturation as well as hydration, or even a bar to get pissed drunk and stumble around, for a bit of fun 🙂


    Having to hunt for traders to actually craft things is bad game design. Ancient Stones can be found in the nether and are common enough that you don’t need to trade for them anyways.

    Things with bragging rights I always see as stupid, as everyone should be able to find things easily, even if they have too search for awhile. So, while I still believe in treasure items (Items that have no use but can be displayed), having them to be “Bragging right” items is not the right way to go.


    You have to hunt for other things, I don’t think having to hunt for traders and crafters is necessarily bad, as long as you can access the basics on your own. I think ultra-rare and unique “bragging right” items would be fun if they don’t confer an excessive advantage onto the finder.

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