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    ( @mesecraft Here are some bugs I found in the most recent update)

    So I’ve been doing tests in my singleplayer world on the most recent update of Mesecraft and found some major problems with Df caverns.

    Problem #1

    So I was testing out the new changes added to the Underworld a.k.a the Slade Layer, and when I had gotten into some unexplored parts of Underworld I discovered that Df caverns had done some things to the bones. As instead of the standard Mesecraft texture for bones, the loot bones I found in this new update had the old default texture and when I tried to break them they wouldn’t. I then tried to blow them up but that just crashed the game.

    Problem #2

    The old bone texture is not the only thing the Underworld decided to re-add. It also decided to re-add the old default signs as well.

    Problem #3

    Now this problem is pretty major as it deleted Oil Buckets out of the game. Oil still exists, however the ability to scoop it up with a bucket is no longer, now we can’t fuel our helicopters, making them useless.

    Problem #4

    While I was exploring I also noticed that it seemed to affect mineshaft generation. Mineshafts now can be seen having strange rail placements that randomly go everywhere and even floating rails as well.

    Problem #5

    This is more of an inconsistency than a bug, but Df caverns added something called Giant cave Spider Webbing, however we already have that. Also the amount of webbing that generates is a little overkill, so maybe we can tweak this?


    Thank you- Kip


    There might still be some bugs I haven’t discovered yet but I’ll look out for more later.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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