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Cloudlands should be higher up

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    I started playing about a month ago on a MeseCraft server (not, and noticed strange islands in the sky.

    I LOVE sky islands, so I built up there and started building my base.

    Later on, I found the Tome of Portals, and built a Nether- and then a Portalstone Portal, only to find that I already was on the cloudlands the Portalstone Portal would have teleported me to.

    I think that broke immersion a little. I digged deeper into it and found out that the cloudlands mod can be configured to have a higher spawn rate, which I think should be added up closer to 400 or 500.

    Currently, it is IMO too easy to accidentally discover them in the very beginning when they should be later game.

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    Not a bad suggestion. I think that makes sense. Maybe we can move them up higher.

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