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    (This is the complete timeline of Mesecraft, remember that this is fan made. Also most of it is based on things that have NOT yet been added to Mesecraft. This is part one.)

    The Dwarves

    Hundreds of thousands of years ago when player-kind was just getting started, they began to cast out the weaker of their kind. These weaker people could not survive out in the open and alone so they made small underground communities together. As time went on the descendants of these people began to expand the cities and soon the cities became so large that they stretched so far that some people believe they never end. The people had now lived in the underground cities for so long that they gave up their natural height and began to shrink to the point where they were now considered dwarves. But the dwarves lived good lives, they became rich in minerals, learned how to farm the edible fungus of the caves, and explored the great caves, setting up dungeons and outposts in which they stored their valuables or rested when they traveled through the caves.

    The dwarves lived this way for hundreds of years, until they began to be attacked by mysterious pests. Their food was going missing, their chests were being looted, and random caves and tunnels to their outposts and dungeons that have stood the test of time for hundreds and hundreds of year were crumpling from structural damage. This continued for many years, but many dwarves were being affected by this, thousands of people were going hungry, some people even got crushed in the tunnels that collapsed. However, one day a warrior who was hunting the wild cave fauna discovered one of these pests. It was small, green, and cunning. The warrior captured this and brought it to the center of his city. the dwarven council deemed this creature a goblin and declared that they would reward people for their capture. However in the next couple years only 4 more goblins were captured, and many thousands more dwarves had died. After this had continued for even more years, some dwarven cities had to be evacuated. Some fled to the outposts and dungeons, others made more deeper underground to live, but some of the bigger groups decided that if they traveled deep enough they would come to a place where no goblins existed.

    These dwarves traveled for years, setting up outposts to avoid the goblins. Finally, after many of the original dwarves had died and the group had been expanded with the addition of their children and grandchildren, they discovered a vast underground land where no goblins existed: The Underworld.

    The Underworld was a place of almost unbreakable stones, but dwarves managed to find a way to thrive in this underground wasteland, turning it into a massive city and finding a way to break the seemingly unbreakable stones. They began to create technology that lock away their valuables so that no goblins or scavengers could get at their food and ores.

    The Surface

    Meanwhile above ground, life was also thriving. Most of the world was ruled by a King, but a good king. The King had many wizards who would create magical technologies that would lead to great things. From magical mirrors that can teleport you out of danger to strange yellow energy that they made by fusing the many other magical gems of the world.

    One of their many discoveries was that they could use this yellow energy and shape it into crystals which allowed them to create portals which allow them travel to other lands.

    Later they used this knowledge and wealth to trade with the dwarves who still lived in their original cities at the time.

    However something was going to go terribly wrong for the King and his people soon…

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