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    Yes. Evil lizards. I’m pretty sure we’ve gone over having the main antagonists be some kind of corrupted lizards, but we never really went over who they are or were and if they came from space like mese did (Yes that is one theory, another theory about where mese came from is that it is just a yellowish crystal like variation of real world uranium)

    So where might these guys come from?

    Well, there are three possible places they could come from, which are Space, the primordial cave biomes, and maybe an undiscovered dimension where the corruption came from in the first place when Sam was experimenting with mese shards or something.

    So what might they look like?

    Well, I’m really hoping for a custom model and not just the regular player like model, however if it saves time I guess using that model is OK. But with their main look, they might have either black gray scaly skin.

    Where can we find them?

    Well, I went over where they came from so now we need to know where might they be hiding on the planet of mesecraft, because having these guys as regular mobs it would pretty annoying. So we might find them in structures, which that may be a new use for the pyramid and maybe even the dungeons underground and in mountains and rivers. We might also find these guys in one of the new biomes planned.

    Well they drop anything of use?

    When you began to talk about these guys I instantly began to theorize about them and that some of the uncraftable objects could’ve been made by the Evil Lizards. Maybe when they came to our dimension they discovered the magical gems found in the crust of the world. They maybe fused this magic with magic from their own dimension created things such as magic mirrors. So maybe there would be some moderate powerful mini boss that you could get mirror shards from it and be able to craft one if you get enough( maybe taking some durability away from it to, becuase they last way to long.) because literally in the old mesecraft worlds, it was  impossible to find a mirror, (and it still is) the only reason everyone had one was because of the Christmas boxes and for a time, Santa traded it. No one ever found a mirror naturally! So having a way to get the mirrors from the Evil Lizard will encourage people to get better gear instead of stopping at gold or steel like most people do. It will also totally cut down on wars, because if someone does find a magic mirror naturally, I promise you, everyone is going to target that one person. However, it’s your choice, and I’ll respect whatever decision you make with the mob drops.

    And then there is the chance that these guys will never make it into the game, but it’s nice to at least think about how they might work.

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    I can make some lizard-people models

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    I’d really like to see that!

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