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    I propose a Exploration Update for


    The ethereal mod has removed from MeseCraft a time ago. Because that I propuse to include the extra biomes mod into MeseCraft, it fit with the game’s content.

    Other thing that can be included on The Exploration Update is a expansion of  The Nether content, like new ores, biomes and Mobs.

    The NPCs and Villages can be updated, but maybe Is too hard.

    For The last but not less importante, can be included The Skin Editor mod for In-Game Skin editing.

    Even if The MeseCraft development team likes this idea i can help to The creation of The content of this Update. I have an account on GitHub with my name: BetaCCC. I have some other small ideas.

    Sorry for The bad English 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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