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      A short feedback to the strong push-back effect which I got to feel especially on the European server: Maybe it’s just my armor but I think I noticed that the push-back in case of a hit is much stronger. I find that it makes combat feel much more realistic because if you get hit, you not only lose health, but you have to reorient yourself for a brief moment due to your changed position.
      Also, it has much quicker unpleasant consequences if you don’t watch your back.
      But the most important thing is that you don’t just judge a threat by how dangerous it is and then go at it like crazy. Instead, it makes sense to think about where you want to face an enemy.(Bridges, high steps, abysses, walls and corners. Of course, provided you have the opportunity to do so). And even if you are not up to the threat, you can push the enemy over a ledge and escape from the dangerous situation.
      Having to think and decide quickly in combat makes for more adrenaline.
      Perhaps the next server settings could take the effect back a little bit, since you sometimes fly very far when something jumps into your neck. But that would really be a fine-tuning.

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        Yeah, knockback does make the game more challenging. However I recently discovered that my armor is so powerful, demon-eyes can’t hurt me at all. So I attracted a whole bunch and than started playing pinball with myself as the ball and the demon eyes as pushers. It is really fun. 😀

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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