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    Hello everyone,

    So this is the current situation: changes from January through October were rolled into the master branch of the game. Which is the branch that runs on servers, singleplayer games etc. One of the changes is void_chest naming –> mesecraft_void_chest . changing the namespace broke the old void chest named inventory from being accessed.

    So this was an unintentional bug, but the merge was intentional. Part of MeseCraft’s rapid development allows for game-breaking changes in this early alpha stage. There is a disclaimer that reminds of this regularly and MeseCraft comes with no warranty, or liability for changes in the game that cause loss of items, worlds, etc.

    However, gd2shoe has provided a temporarily patch that will migrate the old void chest inventory to the new one. This should resolve the issue more or less. However, I want to be clear that this is not the precedent going forward. Since the community has offered a patch to resolve this issue, I’ll apply the patch now and players will need to login to the server for the fix to be applied. I’ll leave it there until a bit later this weekend. I plan to do more changes to the game soon including textures and some other things.

    I understand this is frustrating, it was not intention, but since it did affect our LTS stable world too, I have a bit more sympathy for the people this affects. Anyways, the patch will be applied to the server in a few minutes after this is posted. Login, make a forum post if you like, and see how it goes.

    Sorry about that, but I felt it was time to update the master branch of MeseCraft with the changes that have been made since January. There were over 100 commits (updates) that were in the testing branch waiting to be merged into the master branch of the game. More changes and updates to come soon.

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    Patch is live on the server. This is a temporary patch! I’ll let it run for a bit before reverting.

    I know it seems crass, but the reason things break like this sometimes is because there are so many things changing in MeseCraft that it makes it difficult to account for all of these and do the additional work required to put backward compatibility into everything.

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    For maximum effect, empty out anything you have in your voidchest, log out, and back in again.  Things stuck in the old namespace will only move during log-in, and only if there’s room for them.  Anything not moved in the first log-in will stick around, so don’t panic if you’ve already recovered part of what you had.

    My turn to be crass.  I’m actually looking forward to new bug submissions.  (Please don’t throw things at me!)

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