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Geocashing in Mesecraft server #1

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    So got bored and decided to create a Geocaching game in Mesecraft, For a more detailed explanation go to the cords: -50.5, 2.5, 3278.1 on the Mesecraft survival server #1

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    Hell0 there – I dont play on the server only single player offline but its a nice original  feature i would like to see added- an in game camera kit would be also a great feature -this too could be also utilized for challenges as in passive hunting -kind  like pokemon go – also a prominent  on screen  camera icon will likely result in more screen shots to help promote mesecraft

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    When I was young, I played Pokemon Snap on Nintendo 64 quite a few times. (Rented it from Blockbuster, lol). That sounds like a fun idea. Geocaching and some sort of camera challenges. Cool.

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    Found them all! #3 and #4 were my favorites. Well hidden. I’ll be gone on vacation for a week, but hopefully when I get back there will be more.

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